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NNA Approved Training Providers for Naturopathic Nutritional Therapists

The Naturopathic Nutrition training providers listed below require part-time attendance for their diploma courses. As graduates of these colleges have fulfilled all the requirements with regard to the NNA’s Core Elements (including Clinical Practice training) and the National Occupational Standards, they are eligible to apply for Full membership as naturopathic nutritional therapists. Students of these colleges are eligible to apply to join the NNA as Student Members.

Having fulfilled the requirements of the NNA, we are pleased to announce that Full Accreditation has been awarded to the College of Naturopathic Medicine and the Natural Healthcare College.  Graduates of Endeavour College (Australia) (2013 - 2017 inclusive).  

Please see the Memberships page for NNA application forms.

If you are a training provider interested in applying for NNA accreditation, please contact us.

If you are interested in training to become a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, please contact the College of Naturopathic Medicine or the Natural Healthcare College. If you are interested in Nutrition Advisor training, please contact Natural Healthcare College.


College of Naturopathic Medicine
Tel: 01342 410505

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy Diploma
Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy Diploma (online)

Natural Healthcare College
Tel: 01732 461 307 or 07904263480

Nutritional Advisor - Associate level member of the NNA
Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist - Full member of the NNA

Graduates of naturopathic nutritional therapy from the following educational establishments are entitled to apply for full membership, subject to:

1. evidence of a minimum of 50 hours of clinical training and/or at least 3 years in nutritional therapy practice

2. evidence of having regularly completed CPD since graduation

3. completion of the NNA's NOS and Core Elements Statements of Practice - please email for these 

- College of Naturopathic Medicine (prior to 2009) and Endeavour College (prior to 2013 and after 2017)

- College of Naturopathic Nutrition

- Nutritional Healing Foundation

- The Kevala Centre (graduates from November 2006)

- The Plaskett College / Thames Valley University (not Plaskett International College)

- The College of Holistic Health and Nutrition

- School of Health - Graduates of 12 module course

NNA Approved Training providers for Nutritional Therapists  

Full membership (Nutritional Therapist category)

Graduates of the following courses in nutritional therapy are entitled to apply for full membership subject to:

1. evidence of having regularly completed CPD since graduation

2. completion of the NNA's NOS and Core Elements Statement of Practice - please email for a copy of these documents

· Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management

· Institute for Optimum Nutrition

· Northern College of Acupuncture

· UK College of Nutrition and Health

· University of West London

· University of Worcester

. University of Westminster

NNA Approved training providers for Nutrition Advisors 

Associate Level Membership

Natural Healthcare College (stage 1) 

- Classical Kinesology Institute 

- School of Health (graduates who have completed modules 1-8)

Graduates of other training providers not listed will need to complete case studies and provide a summary of career and practice to date as well as providing proof of supervised clinical practice as part of their qualification to nutritional therapy.

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Mentoring at the NNA

Our successful mentoring scheme, with monthly Skype calls helps recent graduates and final year nutritional therapy students to set up in practice, build up confidence and hone their clinical skills.

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