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CPD Opportunities

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the way health professionals continue to update their professional knowledge and improve professional competence throughout their careers. It is a commitment by practitioners to continuously seek to learn and broaden their knowledge throughout their careers, allowing them to keep up to date with research and development in their field

In line with many professional organisations, the NNA requires its members to accrue a certain number of hours of CPD every year, such as attending lectures and seminars or learning new therapeutic skills.

Our CPD scheme requires 30 hours per year of membership (or 60 hours over two years) and the CPD scheme is a downloadable resource for members.

CPD Activity

Full and associate members need to update their NNA account with CPD activity.  Click on CPDs (from your membership account page) then wave your mouse under the 'ID' and click.  On the next page you will be able to add an activity.  Please do this before you renew your membership as once your current membership has expired you will no longer be able to update your CPD activity for that year.  A manual over-ride is possible please request by email.

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The following CPD opportunities are available:

Nutrition Collective - Heal chronic disease with insights from the leaders in nutrition  
  Posted in Upcoming Events on 18 Sep, 2021

Upcoming webinars: Wednesday 29th September 2021 - Neuro-regeneration: Harnessing the power of liposomes; Tuesday 12th October 2021 - Intermittent Fasting and Metabolic Flexibility. Both webinars are 6pm to 7.30pm and Certified 1.5 hours CPD.

NNA Annual Conference 2021  
  Posted in Upcoming Events on 08 Sep, 2021

Friday 24th September at 2pm ending Saturday 25th September at 5pm. Certified 12 hours CPD. This conference is a departure from our usual format and the focus is on us as therapists, looking after and nourishing ourselves wholistically!

BioCare NEW FREE LIVE Seminars Autumn 2021  
  Posted in Upcoming Events on 08 Sep, 2021

Human Nature with Marta Anhelush & Chris Newbold: Thursday 7th October 2021 9am to 4pm. Venue: Midlands Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham B12 9QH; and Saturday 6th November 2021 9am to 4pm. Venue: Cavendish Conference Centre, 22 Duchess Mews, London W1G 8QT. The seminar is Certified 5 hours CPD.

CiiTech Academy Short Course - Cannabis Science & Therapeutics  
  Posted in Upcoming Events on 03 Sep, 2021

Online Course to be accessed on demand. Certified 6 hours CPD. NNA Members receive 50% discount, use Code NNA50 when registering.

The Peat Institute - Foundation Course in Cancer Care  
  Posted in Upcoming Events on 02 Sep, 2021

Online Course to be accessed on demand plus three live Q&A sessions with Patricia on the following dates: Tuesday 21st September, Tuesday 12th October and Tuesday 19th October 2021. Certified 12 hours CPD.

For a full list of CPD Opportunities click here.

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