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Mentoring at the NNA

The NNA mentoring scheme is running successfully, with monthly Zoom calls with Cora Weekes. 

The monthly sessions, which will start each January, are primarily for recent graduates and students in their final year of a nutritional therapy diploma to help set up in practice, build up confidence, hone their clinical skills and address any subjects or questions that may come up. We are looking to support and encourage each other, while addressing the following:

 - Setting up in practice – legalities and priorities

· Marketing

· Client interaction

· Functional testing

· Supplements in practice

· Jobs for nutritional therapists (or case studies)

· Consultation formats, questionnaires, timings

· Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database – how to use (or case studies/guest speaker)

· Digital Marketing

· Functional testing in practice (examples) or case studies

The mentoring costs £75 for the whole package of 10 sessions and you must be an NNA member to join.

If mentoring is something you think you’d find useful, please get in touch here.

Recent testimonial from a member of the most recent mentoring group:-  I have found the mentoring sessions most helpful, particularly to be able to hear first-hand experience of setting up practice. I found all the laboratory testing discussions excellent particularly where they were mapped to the case studies.  Thank you for all your valuable insight. 


Read some more of our recent testimonials from participants in the scheme.

We are awarding 1 CPD point per session.

Useful links: 

The Nutrition Network – a free resource for qualified nutritional professionals ( –  join the membership site and you can get access to seminars on-line, handouts, job opportunities, business resources and more. There is also a closed Facebook group – to apply send email to

Natural health practitioners  a free, open access community providing useful resources for nutritional therapists – business and clinic fact sheets, latest vacancies and clinic rooms. The site is run by Graham Botfield and Nicola Pearson.

Guides to Business Planning:

HM Revenue &Customs:

Business Link:

Data Protection and Freedom of Information Advice:

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Mentoring at the NNA

Our successful mentoring scheme, with monthly Skype calls helps recent graduates and final year nutritional therapy students to set up in practice, build up confidence and hone their clinical skills.

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