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 BioCare FREE Nationwide Seminar Series Autumn 2022 - The Gut, Unravelled

BioCare FREE Nationwide Seminar Series Autumn 2022 - The Gut, Unravelled

  Published to Upcoming Events on Nov 26, 2022

The Gut Unravelled seminar with Alessandro Ferretti & Chris Newbold

Time to get to the core of all human physiology as we unravel the complex subject of gut health and its multifaceted links with other systems! Gut is our ‘outside inside’, the metabolic interface where two complex biological and chemical worlds interact in a dynamic, hybrid ecosystem, part human, part other. Its active barrier function enables it to play multiple roles sensing, defending, ingesting, detoxifying, and creating, such that gut impacts everything, and everything can impact the gut. 

In this seminar we examine the adaptive role of the gut, taking a holistic ecological perspective, touching on digestion, motility, integrity and microbial balance, using case study examples, and equipping you to take an effective whole system approach to improving clients’ health.

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